Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Philip Steele Building Equipment Ltd in carrying out their operations acknowledge the importance of adhering to principles of best practice, in order to avoid any adverse impact to the safety of the environment.

Philip Steele Building Equipment Ltd will endeavour when ever practically possible to comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation and in our operations are aiming towards the principles stated under ISO EN 14001.

To ensure we attain best practice standards, procedures of operation will include the following:-


Re-cycling & Efficient Energy Use

The use, where ever possible, of materials (scaffold equipment) that are the produce of renewable, sustainable resources.

To favour, where ever possible, steel & alloy products that are derived from a creditable percentage of recycled materials.

To avoid waste within both the yard and office, examples of this are:

Scaffold boards where damage has occurred, are assessed, graded, cut down and re-banded, sizes range from 3.9m – 13’ long, right down to 600mm – 18” long and are then re-used.

Scaffold tube, when bent, is put through a straightening process and re-used.

Scaffold sheeting, debris netting and roof sheeting are handled and stored with care to facilitate multiple re-use.

In the office, inkjet and laser cartridges are sent for re-cycling, as is waste paper and cardboard.

In winter the offices are heated via economy seven storage heating, they are also insulated and double glazed.

To avoid unnecessary electricity usage, switch off not stand by.



To keep to strict regular vehicle service schedules in order to keep land/air (exhaust) pollution as low as possible via efficient running.

To use greener, low sulphur fuels when ever practically possible.

To prevent ingress of fuel & lubricant to the local water course, by safe storage and careful, controlled use.


Neighbours, Customers, Public & Staff

To keep noise pollution to a practicable minimum and be sensitive to the environment concerns of our neighbours, and in the wider community in which we operate.

To show respect for other people and their property at all times.

Annually reviewing our environmental performance and updating this policy, in respect of its objectives and aims.

Communicating our policy to staff, suppliers and customers, and ensuring our compliance with any particular environment requirements that they may have in place.